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Using state-of-the-art technology, Arrivy ensures seamless operations and superior customer engagement for event management businesses.

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A perfectly connected workforce

Never lose sight of your team. Stay on top of your game.

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Eliminate paper. Hello digital forms!

Digital forms enable seamless capturing, sharing and archiving of data.

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Routing. But better

Intelligently optimized routes that get the most work done in the least amount of time.

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Customer experience that can be measured

Customer reviews paired with data analytics deliver a clear picture of what your customers expect from you.

Top Features for the Event Management Industry

Route Optimization

Take dispatching and scheduling to the next level through Arrivy’s route optimization. It quickly analyzes all task locations to automatically create routes that get the maximum number of tasks done in the least amount of time. Now that’s smart!

Team Scheduling and Progress Tracking

Manage your teams like never before. Track their job progress in real-time, view timesheets, and get location updates whenever they’re on the move. Through automated SMS and email alerts, your customers can conveniently track teams assigned to them, reducing customer support calls significantly.

Engaging Customer Experience

A personalized digital experience for your customers that engages them through the job journey. Through Arrivy’s intelligent customer experience analysis, you always know what your customers expect, allowing you to always cater to their needs in the best way. Having perfected the art of getting reviews, Arrivy promises you an increase in positive reviews by up to 5x (based on actual client data).

Digital Forms

Master the data collection and archiving process. Empower your crew with Arrivy Forms that make relaying information back and forth, collecting signatures, documenting damages, filling out checklists, generating proof of delivery, and much more.

Powering the Experience Economy

Deliver exceptional customer experiences across teams and continents

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X Increased Customer Engagement

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