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Simplify Appointments with Seamless Self-Scheduling

Empowering your customers to self-book. With the Arrivy self-scheduling feature, you can define your business’s availability and let customers book themselves directly through your website or unique booking link. Run your scheduling to self-operate while you focus on what matters most for your business.


Transform your team management with intelligent scheduling.

Take bookings according to your availability.

Keep your customers updated on your availability. Efficiently manage your calendar with detailed team availability settings, scheduling rules, and buffers. Customize what your customers see on your booking page with various preferences. Ensure an accessible customer booking experience that reflects your operational effectiveness.

Tailored Availability

Oversee multiple groups & resources for better control

Arrivy’s scalable solution suits teams of all sizes. You can manage Multiple Groups by setting up multifaceted booking calendars for different locations, work types, teams, and resources. These features enable businesses to efficiently handle complex scheduling needs, providing a robust solution for diverse operational requirements.

group management

Equally, assign each task for optimal success

Merge your team schedules to upgrade booking options & evenly assign each task across all the available resources. Arrivy automatically distributes each task across all teams. This way, no single resource is overworked & stays productive, resulting in reduced errors and an optimized workforce for improved customer service.

Location-wise appointment settings

Allow customers to book their appointments without increasing travel costs or overextending your team. Set geo-constraints on calendars based on maximum travel or set service radiuses for specific days. Keep your team efficient and your customers satisfied.


Frequently Asked Questions

Automated scheduling software lets customers self-book appointments based on their availability, streamlining operations for efficient time management and improved service.

Sure! You can easily add Arrivy’s self-scheduling calendar to your website. Customize it with White Label options to match your brand, including your domain. Users can also go directly to Arrivy’s Booking Calendar page for a smooth booking process.

Arrivy provides a dynamic calendar to optimize tasks for every team. You can choose crew availability, buffer time & preferences.

Absolutely! Arrivy lets you create unlimited calendars for each location and service type, ensuring organized operations. Our self-scheduling system is continually enhanced with agile development, catering dynamic, and static calendars to meet your business needs effectively.

Of course! Arrivy allows you to set your time constraints around when to allow a customer to book, reschedule, or cancel an appointment. You can also prevent them from rescheduling and canceling appointments at the 11th hour.

In the event of a cancellation, the slot will be opened again for re-booking.

Yes, with Arrivy, you can set a time before the slot to allow cancellations, rescheduling, or prevent last-minute changes altogether.

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