Unparalleled Self Scheduling

Empower your customers to self-book appointments while you focus on what you do best. Arrivy Bookings introduces Self Scheduling that allows you to curate calendars defined by your rules for customer scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellations. Put your business on auto-pilot and let your calendar do the talking!

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Enjoy Arrivy Bookings's integrated self-scheduling ability that empowers your customers to schedule their own appointments. Set up slots on your calendar according to your working hours, break times, and other preferences, and let your customers do the rest by choosing the date and time that works best for them. Revolutionize your business ecosystem and empower your sales & support teams to use it as a flexible scheduling tool to power through their day. Save your team considerable time and effort by reducing the need to make back-and-forth phone calls and writing emails to find a suitable booking time. Instead, empower your customers to pick a date and time that suits them best with just a click of a button. Define slots based on your team's schedule and ensure that no appointment is left un-booked!

Say Goodbye to Phone Tag

Don't waste time playing phone tag with customers to schedule an appointment. Allow them to book a date and time that suits them best, and let us automatically create a task in Arrivy for you. Arrivy's self-scheduling feature does its wonder by bringing structure to your operations and allows you to introduce self-scheduling as part of your elevated customer experience.

Integrate our Scheduling Tool on your Website

Do you keep missing out on leads from your website? Join Arrivy's self-scheduling bandwagon and embed dynamic booking calendars on your website today. Provide your customers with the option to choose an open slot on your calendar during the checkout process. Make sure you close your deals every time. Fetch customer and job information into Arrivy through an open-API system and power your operations with state-of-the-art capabilities.

Enhance Productivity with Automated Rules

Want to prevent booking appointments during breaks? Add overtime shifts or manage multiple team schedules? Arrivy Bookings’ neat self-scheduling tool allows you to maximize your management productivity and enhance positive results. Enjoy the benefits of self-scheduling and improve your customer and operations experience to the last mile!

Scheduling Process Optimized

Take control of your scheduling process with Arrivy and make the world your oyster. Empower your customer to self-schedule appointment times that fit their own schedules and create automated tasks for your dispatch. Arrivy unique combination of operations management solutions lets you know your team's schedule in an instant and quickly fill out unfilled shifts times.

World’s 1st Headless Bookings Module!

Provide your customers an end-to-end seamless branded experience with the world’s 1st API solution for a self-scheduling system. Build a custom booking experience with your guidelines, connect with Arrivy’s operational modules in a matter of days, and enhance your customer experience and retention like never before. To learn more about our secret sauce, reach out to us at support@arrivy.com.

Geo Constraints Self Scheduling

Do you want to offer your customers the ability to self-schedule service appointments but are worried about travel costs and wasted team effort? With Arrivy, have your team experience the epitome of efficiency for their tasks. Run down your operational costs by minimizing the drive times with back-end restrictions, so your team is not stretched thin. Set up booking constraints on your calendars based on the maximum travel time you'd like your team to commit to or set service radiuses in which you'd like to operate for a given day. Maximize your returns while minimizing your costs.

Effortlessly Schedule Dock Appointments

With the Arrivy Operations Cloud™, Dock Scheduling is a breeze! Track and monitor all dock appointments and save costs by allowing carriers to book online. Create individual calendars for each dock or warehouse and set up custom workdays, hours, and breaks according to your schedule. Set up slots based on your team's schedule, and ensure that no dock is left open.


Why yes, you can! Arrivy prides itself on integrating with IoT platforms seamlessly, but the self-scheduling tool takes this to another level. Not only can you integrate a booking calendar in your website, but you can also integrate as many as you’d like, each for a different service type and different geographical location.


For sure, you can take the nuts and bolts (i.e., the dreaded backend) from us and build your own perfect self-scheduling calendar with a custom design and infrastructure. Is Santa Claus real? Book a time with us at sales@arrivy.com and find out.

Here’s the beauty: You can decide what you want to send to the customer AND the internal team. With Arrivy, you have complete control over your internal and external notifications for each event. The robust status customizations allow you to get into the nitty-gritty of world-class automated notifications.

Oh absolutely. Arrivy gives you the freedom to create as many calendars as you’d like. We weren’t kidding when we said, “with Arrivy, the world is your oyster,” and the more you get to know about us, the more evident this becomes.

Arrivy allows you to create dedicated calendars for each location and each service type to keep your operations in order through and through. The benefits of the self-scheduling system are endless, and Arrivy’s dedication to agile development techniques ensures that the feature is innovative and adaptive to your business needs.

Of course. Arrivy allows you complete flexibility and freedom to set your own schedule with the system and add ad-hoc slots to accommodate all types of business schedules, but the platform’s utility goes beyond that of a mere scheduling manager.

The self-scheduling system allows you to capture customer information during bookings. The information is then automatically pulled in once a job is created for you. Ensuring clean and crisp data when and where you need it.

Minimizing unnecessary proximity eliminates the risk of contracting viral diseases. Our self-scheduling platform allows patients to pick appointment times from your schedule while ensuring buffer times between appointments and sending automated progress notifications.

Furthermore, Arrivy allows the team manager complete control over the availability of doctors, nurses, and other employees, so that your team shifts are always in your control. Self-scheduled tasks appear on your calendar automatically, and Arrivy’s operations and customer retention tools make sure that you deliver optimal service on every visit.

Of course! You as a business have the option to allow your customer to reschedule and cancel appointments with ease. The icing on the cake, you can prevent them from rescheduling and canceling appointments at the 11th hour.

Arrivy allows you to set your own time constraints around when to allow a customer to book, reschedule or cancel an appointment so that you’re always on top of your “scheduling” game.

In the event of a cancellation, the slot is opened up again for a re-booking.

Arrivy allows you to disable slots as per your business requirements, be it for a particular day of the week or every other week.

With Arrivy, you can decide the number of bookings per time slot if you can cater to numerous customers during a time.

Yes, with Arrivy, you can set a time before the slot time for allowing cancelations or rescheduling, or you can even prevent last-minute changes altogether.

We have introduced CRM support for this feature, allowing you to trigger an existing customer’s booking selection. Please reach out to us at support@arrivy.com, and we’ll be happy to share further details.

Yes, we offer the World’s first API Booking Solution. This allows you to integrate our feature in your ecosystem to provide a seamless & branded experience. Please reach out to us at support@arrivy.com to learn more about this.

We excel in dealing with complexities, and we would be happy to take on any challenge you throw in our way. Just reach out to us at support@arrivy.com and let us assist you in creating a seamless Bookings experience for your customers.

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