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Arrivy empowers Dispatch and Operations with capabilities to automate and optimize planning, scheduling, and Dispatch. Push-button route optimization and fine-tuning with drag-and-drop drives efficient use of crews and vehicles. The Arrivy Dashboard gives you instant status on the day’s jobs with one-click access to crew messaging. Empower your Dispatch and Operations to prepare routes and monitor progress in real-time thru Arrivy’s Dashboard, Activity Feed, and Slack integration.

Effortless Route Planning

Plan and optimize your vehicle routes with Arrivy’s Route Planning feature. Create routes in advance, factoring drive times, Task times, traffic, and time windows. Arrivy’s Route Planning capabilities embed the routing experience right in your workflow. Easily Assign team members with the right skills to the routes or tasks.

All You Need Right on The Dashboard

The Arrivy Dashboard provides a real-time view of all your jobs and crew assignments for the day. You can maintain an open channel of communication between dispatchers, field crew, and customers. Arrivy anticipates late arrivals so customers can be made aware of delays & you can ensure their satisfaction.

Notification Style Activity Feed

The Activity Feed acts just like the notification bar on your phone. Keeping you informed on job status changes, new messages from the crew & customers, or any photos or attachments that are shared. Helping you stay in the loop right from the office.

Real-Time Messaging Capability

The Dashboard provides one-click access to the Task Journal, which archives all activities, photos, and notes. Here, the Dispatch and Crew members can exchange notes through Arrivy's seamless messaging interface. Pipe in the customer when you want with easy-to-use toggle off & on capability.

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