The Delivery & Logistics Industry 'Optimized' by Arrivy

Leverage Arrivy’s powerhouse tools to make your business the best that it can be. Ensure seamless operations and E2E customer visibility with the Arrivy Operations Cloud™.

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Goodbye Paper. Hello Technology

Reduce paperwork and get through your day faster with Arrivy’s Digital Forms.

Simple Performance Metrics

Easily track your progress with simple & effective performance indicators.

Full Disclosure

Streamline your service experience and deliver a complete E2E branded experience.

Empower Your Team

Enhance your team’s day with Arrivy’s robust scheduling & dispatch capabilities.

Top Features for the Delivery & Logistics Industry

Progress Reporting

Maintain an open three-way channel of communication between your dispatch, drivers, and customers. Provide timely notifications and keep your customers in the loop throughout the day. End the constant back-and-forth emails and calls and focus on what matters the most.

Plan Your Day Down to the Routes!

Arrivy takes scheduling to the next level with its intuitive route planning capabilities. Create routes in advance, factor in drive times, task times, traffic, and time windows. Ensure the best time management for your team when they are out in the field and make the most of their day.

Icing on the Cake: Digital Forms

Tired of hauling mounds of paper to every job? With Arrivcy's Digital Form, your field data will be organized, analyzed, and processed in minutes. Design complex proof of delivery forms and dynamically pull in the data from your job, so all you have to do is get the customer to sign off, and you're done!

Great Reviews For a Great Day

Make sure your crews stay motivated by soliciting customer reviews after a job well done. With Arrivy, you can increase customer engagement by up to 5X the industry average with a few simple tips. Receive real-time feedback from customers on their service experience as soon as the job is done.

Powering the Experience Economy

Deliver exceptional customer experiences across teams and continents

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X Increased Customer Engagement

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