Motive - Arrivy

Precise Asset Monitoring with Arrivy & Motive

Harness the power of asset metrics for proactive fleet management, route planning and efficient scheduling with Arrivy’s Motive integration.

Rethink Asset Visibility & Scheduling with Arrivy’s Motive Integration

Easily access real-time asset metrics like odometer readings, fuel statuses, and comprehensive vehicle diagnostics from Motive right inside Arrivy. Experience newfound efficiency when assigning the assets to jobs, making the allocation process a breeze and leaving you time to focus on other critical matters.

Harmony All Around

Arrivy helps you achieve optimal scheduling & dispatch day in and day out. Helping you enhance the productivity and efficiency of your team.

Promised Customer Delight

Keep your customers engaged with timely notifications and team tracking capabilities and ensure they have the best service experience possible.

Seamlessly in Sync

Achieve seamless coordination among your teams with optimized workflows. Guarantee that every team member remains connected and has access to all vital details while on the move.

Real-time Access to Critical Fleet Metrics

Harness the power of Arrivy’s Motive integration for instant access to real-time fleet metrics, eliminating the need to depend on your crew for timely information. Seize control with comprehensive fleet data at your fingertips, optimizing fuel efficiency, minimizing vehicle downtime, and maximizing overall asset performance.

Data-Driven Scheduling & Dispatch

Equip your team with easy access to vital fleet diagnostics and schedules all consolidated in a single dashboard. Enabling them to make swift, real-time routing and dispatching decisions that keeps your operations running smoothly.

Optimal Fleet Routing

Allow Arrivy to chart intricate routes for your fleet, enhancing their performance and productivity. Equipped with Arrivy’s live-tracking capabilities, stay informed about the whereabouts of your valuable assets and stay focussed on more strategic priorities.

Paperless Fleet Record-keeping

Arrivy turns paperless data collection into a reality, making tasks like running truck inspection reports and fleet health logs a breeze. Access valuable information directly from the field and stay connected with your crew and fleet on the day of service.

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Optimize Fleet Performance with Arrivy’s Motive Integration