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With Arrivy’s route optimization engine factor in traffic analysis, delivery windows, driver logs, and real-time updates to build the most efficient driving route for your team.

Leading Route Planning Software

Navigate the Diverse Capabilities of Our Route Optimization Tool

Get Your Pick Between High-Density & Standard Route Planning

Whether you’re managing basic operations or mapping out intricate routes with over 30 stops a day, Arrivy’s dispatch optimization software has got you covered. Consolidate orders, pickups, and deliveries in proximity and enjoy real time route optimization. Opt for our basic or pro planners to eliminate any manual effort and reach optimal transportation efficiency.

Standard Route Planning

Say Goodbye to Traditional Cost Reduction Strategies

Our customers rate Arrivy as the best route optimization app on the market. With its multi-stop route optimization capability and the use of route efficiency metrics, Arrivy curates the most viable plan for your team helping you ensure you’re getting the most of their day.

Refined Routing

Route Visualization the Answer to All Your Needs

In the world of last-mile delivery transparency is of the utmost importance whether it’s for your drivers or your customers. With Arrivy empower your customers with GPS tracking capabilities to visualize when the team is on route for delivery. Drivers can also easily view their routes on the Arrivy mobile app, ensuring utmost convenience and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Arrivy’s Route Planning feature allows you to create and optimize your team’s routes in advance, factoring in drive times, task times, traffic, and time windows for maximized efficiency.

Arrivy uses advanced algorithms to analyze various factors such as traffic conditions, task duration, and time windows to determine the most efficient routes for your team.

By optimizing routes and reducing fuel consumption, Arrivy helps businesses adopt more sustainable practices, aligning with their environmental & social responsibility goals.

Arrivy supports integration with various tools and platforms, including popular CRMs, ERPs and more. Explore all our integrations for more information.

Arrivy’s seamless messaging interface allows for instant communication between dispatchers, drivers, and even customers, ensuring everyone stays informed and connected.

Absolutely! The Arrivy dashboard provides real-time updates on the status of all routes, allowing you to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed.

Yes, Arrivy allows you to customize routes according to your business needs, including assigning team members with the right skills to specific routes or tasks.

Yes, the published routes can be accessed by your field team on their Arrivy mobile app.

Our premium plan comes equipped with our basic route planner, for businesses exceeding 30+ stops a day the route planner pro would be a better fit.

We offer comprehensive support, including tutorials, customer service, and technical assistance to ensure you make the most out of our route planner.

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Scheduling & Dispatch

Scheduling & Dispatch

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Customer Experience

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Self Scheduling

Empower customers & carriers to self-schedule appointments

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Crew Management

Enable field crew to report updates, complete paperwork and more

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Collect, sign & store data in the field

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All Features

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