Rent Your Worries Away With Arrivy’s Current RMS Integration

Provide exemplary customer service and let Arrivy’s Current RMS integration take the second guessing out of your operations so you can focus on being the best.

Promise & Deliver Excellence with Arrivy’s Current RMS Integration

With Arrivy’s Current RMS integration, easily translate your pickup & delivery opportunities into workable tasks in Arrivy. Enjoy seamless communication all day long. Whether it's live tracking your crew’s progress or alerting the customer on their upcoming pickup. Arrivy’s got it all figured out!

No More Shuffling Around

Say goodbye to shuffling between different spreadsheets and calendars to plan your day. Instead, with Arrivy’s impressive integrations, all the data is seamlessly pulled in for ease & comfort.

Stop Guessing. Start Doing

Arrivy helps you in optimal scheduling & dispatch day in and day out. Helping you enhance the productivity and efficiency of your teams & equipment.

Let Customers be the Boss

Empower your customer and provide them with the ability to stay in touch with your field crew, so they feel in control.

Smooth Sailin’ With Arrivy

With Arrivy’s Current RMS integration, easily create and synchronize Arrivy tasks with your Current RMS Opportunities. Want the best of both worlds? Then allow us to automate your opportunities as per your preference or trigger the sync on demand whenever you want. To make things sweeter, Arrivy allows you to visualize your day in four purpose-built scheduling views.

Happy Customers = Happy You

Arrivy's Current RMS integration is built on the idea of boosting customer delight. Keep your customer engaged as the job progresses with automated notifications and live tracking capabilities; Arrivy has thought of it all. Now keep your customers happy and engaged, whether it's a pick-up or delivery day.

Change is Good

Got last-minute hiccups? With Arrivy’s Current RMS integration, you can swiftly make reassignments or modify your schedule with a click of a button. Make changes in the Current RMS and trigger your sync to bring in the updated information in Arrivy. All you have to do now is sit back, relax and let the seamless integration work its magic.

King of Feedback

With Arrivy's Current RMS integration, get feedback when it matters the most. Customers are prompted to review your service as soon as the job ends, earning you valuable feedback while the day is still fresh in their minds. Be it a pickup or delivery; we help you stay one step ahead of the game

Divide & Conquer

Arrivy’s Current RMS integration helps you stay organized and on your best game. Create pickup and delivery groups and templates to help ease your responsibility and manage your day with perfection. With Arrivy’s Current RMS integration, managing your schedule has never been simpler.

Bridge the Gap

Arrivy’s Current RMS integration allows you to bridge the gap between yourself and the customer. Keep them informed about any pickup and delivery details with customized SMS/Email notifications. Personalize their experience and boost your customer delight with Arrivy’s Samsara integration.

Integrate Current RMS & Arrivy Today

Enjoy Dynamite Solutions With Arrivy’s Current RMS Integration


In order to connect Arrivy and Current RMS, you’ll need two pieces of information:

  • An API key
  • Your Current RMS subdomain

To see this setup in action, book a demo today here.

Arrivy’s controls allow it to synchronize with Current RMS at pre-specified intervals, at a particular time of day. It’s typical to have the synchronization triggered on a daily basis, sometimes after working hours. But users can also trigger the synchronization manually as per their need.

For that Arrivy will create two separate but linked tasks. One for the delivery and the other for the collection. It also allows you to provide customized messages for each leg of the customer journey e.g. letting customers know at the time of delivery when their pick-up is to be expected.

Absolutely. Drop us a note and one of our solution experts will reach out to you to discuss details.