Arrivy Integrates with Slack.
Keep your remote and office teams in-sync

Link your Arrivy account to slack and get real-time updates about the work progress in your slack

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Now, stay connected with your business in real-time and reduce coordination time

Home service companies spend at least 30% of their time in coordination. Arrivy’s automation features let you focus on job completion. Arrivy Slack integration keeps your office, customers and field teams on the same page.

Simple Installation

Step 1

Login to your Arrivy account. Sign up for one if you don't have it yet.

Step 2

Go to Settings Page and then API & Integrations Tab. Click "Install" on Slack card.

Step 3

Select the channel where you would like notifications to be posted in Slack.

Arrivy - Slack
Arrivy & Slack integrations helps me keep an eye on my business while on the go. Frank - Vector Movers

What are you waiting for?

Make your business more efficient and effective. If you’re already using slack or exploring it, you simply must see this extraordinary integration for yourself. Sign up for a demo or get started with 2 weeks of free trial (no credit card needed)