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Streamline Crew Availability Management with Arrivy

It's essential to know your team's availability, especially when scheduling. This is where Arrivy's Crew Availability feature comes in handy as it allows your team to request time-off or report themselves out-of-office with just a click of a button. Helping make your life (and schedules) easier.

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The Arrivy Operations Cloud™ allows you to manage, streamline, and optimize your operations across your diverse setup. Empower your team to mark their availability with just a click, so you know exactly who's available to schedule. Arrivy takes the guesswork out of your planning and makes it easy for you to manage your day!

Requesting Time-Off Made Simple

It isn't easy to manage individual employees' availability and keep your operations in sync. Thanks to Arrivy's Crew Availability feature, it's easy for your team to request some time off, and all they have to do is identify the date and duration and hit apply. Voila, your schedule now reflects their availability with impeccable precision. So, you know exactly who's available to schedule when it comes to planning your day.

One Unified View

View your entire team's availability right on the calendar or in a simple list-style view. Arrivy makes it easy to visualize your day by having all your requests be color-coded according to their approval status. All you need is one quick look to see how your schedule is panning out.

The Ball’s in Your Court

Arrivy has thought of it all, from automatically approving time-off requests to enabling manual approvals where needed. Be in charge of how your approval workflow looks so you can get the most done in your day without having to worry about these nitty-gritty details.

Scheduling Made Easy

It's imperative you know your team's availability when you're in your planning zone, which is why Arrivy marks your team's availability right on your scheduling views. Just one quick look is all it takes to let you know who's available, and we remind you wherever we can!

Manage Groups and Their Requests Separately

Trying to manage multiple locations, business units, or franchises is not an easy task. All time-off requests filed with Arrivy are automatically sent to the appropriate business unit, location, or franchise. Stay worry-free year-round, wherever you are!


Yes, Admins and Schedulers have the option to mark their teams unavailable.

Arrivy gives you a couple of different options. You can either have requests auto-approved or have someone manually approve them. To see how you can set this up, book a demo with us today here.

Certainly, requests from team members of a branch/location/franchise will be sent to their concerned manager. 

Yes, of course. Your team has the option to update or edit their approved unavailability requests if the need arises.

Yes, you can view your team’s unavailability in both the Team & Equipment View, as you’re scheduling, or under Workflow > Availability.

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