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Eliminate back-and-forths and time wastage from your organization's scheduling process. Use Arrivy's Bookings Feature as a self-scheduling tool for your customers or as an open calendar for your sales and support teams.

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Enjoy Arrivy's integrated Bookings Feature that empowers customers to self-book appointments. Set up slots on your calendar according to your working hours, break times, and other preferences. And let your customers do the rest by choosing the date and time that works best for them. Revolutionize your operational ecosystem by allowing your sales & support teams to use it as a rigid scheduling tool. Save your team considerable time and energy in scheduling while giving your customers the convenience of picking a time that works for them.

Say Goodbye to Phone Tag

Don’t waste time playing phone tag with customers to make a booking. Allow them to book a date and time that suits them best and automatically create a task in Arrivy. Arrivy's Bookings Feature works wonders by bringing structure to your operations and digitizing the customer's experience.

Endless Slot Combinations

With Arrivy, build out your slots according to your business needs. Select working hours, break time to map out your available slots for the day, month or week. Need to give your team a breather in between tasks? No worries - With Arrivy, set buffer time between tasks, so your field crew has time to get things in order.

Enrich your Bookings with Details that Matter

Need essential data at the time of booking? Arrivy created automated forms that help you collect important information such as customer name, address, and phone number at the time of online booking. All data collected is automatically fed back into your tasks in Arrivy - Creating a seamless service experience.

World’s 1st API for a Bookings Module!

Provide an end-to-end seamless branded experience to your customers with the world’s 1st API solution for Bookings. Build a custom booking experience with your own rules and connect with Arrivy’s operational modules in a matter of days. To learn more about our secret sauce, reach out to us at support@arrivy.com.

Breakthrough CRM Bookings Solution

Arrivy is no stranger to making flawless integrations a reality. Our Bookings Calendar integrates with your CRM to offer perfect utility to your business concerns. Reach out to us at support@arrivy.com and allow our solution experts to walk you through the seamless experience.

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In the event of a cancellation, the slot is opened up again for a re-booking.

Arrivy allows you to disable slots as per your business requirements, be it for a particular day of the week or every other week.

With Arrivy, you can decide the number of bookings per time slot if you can cater to numerous customers during a time.

Yes, with Arrivy, you can set a time before the slot time for allowing cancelations or rescheduling, or you can even prevent last-minute changes altogether.

We have introduced CRM support for this feature, allowing you to trigger an existing customer’s booking selection. Please reach out to us at support@arrivy.com, and we’ll be happy to share further details.

Yes, we offer the World’s first API Booking Solution. This allows you to integrate our feature in your ecosystem to provide a seamless & branded experience. Please reach out to us at support@arrivy.com to learn more about this.

We excel in dealing with complexities, and we would be happy to take on any challenge you throw in our way. Just reach out to us at support@arrivy.com and let us assist you in creating a seamless Bookings experience for your customers.