Unparalleled Self- Scheduling Experience

Reimagine your scheduling workflow and empower customers to self-schedule appointments.

Put an End to Phone Tag & Emails

Empower customers to self-schedule with Arrivy’s powerful bookings module. Set up slots according to your working hours, break times, and other preferences and let your customers do the rest by choosing the date and time that works best for them. Relax and watch your day unfold right before your eyes!

Finding a suitable date/time that works for you and your customer is no easy feat for any service business. Sales teams are overwhelmed by the constant back-n-forth phone calls and emails to book a simple appointment that gets them nowhere. Chaos ensues when a cancellation or reschedule occurs, which is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let your calendars do the talking as you sit back and relax: 

  • Set up slots on your calendar according to your working hours, break times, and other preferences.
  • Mark off or enable slots as per your needs.
  • Empower your sales & support teams to use Arrivy’s Bookings Module as a flexible scheduling tool to power through their day.
  • Arrivy makes Dock Scheduling a breeze! Track and monitor all dock appointments and save costs by allowing carriers to book online.

Arrivy’s Self Scheduling offers the following benefits:

  • Put your customers in the driving seat and watch their delight soar.
  • Save up to 30% of your operations time by putting an end to back-n-forth phone calls & emails. 
  • Refocus your sales team and increase their lead generation efforts 
  • Eliminate redundant effort by your team and let Arrivy automate your task creation for every booking.

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