Arrivy Integrates with Zapier

Arrivy Integrates with Zapier.
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Link your business to Arrivy thru Zapier and rule the last mile

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Now, hundreds of zapier apps can be connected with Arrivy to manage customer experience through the “last mile” using Arrivy’s mapping and automated communications technology.

Arrivy Zaps integrates your system with Arrivy providing the ability to use SMS (or email) to text customers appointment status and details. With Arrivy, customers get an UBER-like experience viewing the crew’s approach on a map.

Automatically synchronize appointments, leads, existing customers from any zapier enabled application to Arrivy

The salesforce zap saves us time, keeps our team connected and enables us to provide our customers with a modern moving experience. John - Everything Moving

Use any CRM
Arrivy will handle your Dispatch and Customer Experience:

A 5-min setup brings all your data in Arrivy’s Dashboard, where you can manage your jobs and see the location of all your crews on a map.

Capture activities and communications
in Job Journals:

Arrivy captures, communicates and archives job start times, status changes, notes, photos and voice annotations in real-time.

Customers can see crew progress
with notifications:

Your clients can track your crew's arrival times with real-time estimates and email / SMS notifications. They can see the crew’s progress on a map.

Measure your progress.
Rinse. Repeat.

Detailed charts let you gauge your time spent on job, in transit and mileage. Our customer engagement reports help you understand customer touchpoints

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