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Payroll Made Efficient & Intelligent With Arrivy’s Workday Integration

Simplify your tedious and error-prone payroll process with Arrivy’s Workday integration.

Robust Automated Timesheets & Payroll Computations With Arrivy’s Workday Integration

Arrivy's Workday integration makes it easy to document & maintain records of your team's progress day in and day out. Status configurations allow you to intricately manage the time spent working, traveling, or on a break. The configurations are limitless & you are in charge of the complexity of your payroll time reporting & overall processes.

Paper is History

Say no to manually keeping account of work hours for your team day in and day out. With Arrivy’s time reporting features, all employee work hour records are automated & maintained digitally. 

Stay Focused

Arrivy’s makes it possible for you to free up your day from worker-management issues and focus on strategic matters to scale your operations to new heights.

Empowered Teams

Empower your team to mark their status on the go as the day goes by. Keep your team engaged & accountable so you can focus your energy on more strategic matters.

Complex Calculations Made Simple

Arrivy's integration with Workday allows you to send actual, non-work, and travel time information back and forth seamlessly. Have accurate information about when your employees clocked in, clocked out, took a break, or traveled to and from jobs. Sync data back in a format and a time of your choosing so you never have to dread payroll days ever again.

Checkpoints For a Seamless Payroll

With Arrivy's Workday integration, you get to be the boss of how payroll data is captured. Set data checkpoints for your team to alert you when they're on a break, working, or traveling through Arrivy's simple to use iOS/Android mobile application. No matter how complex your requirement is, we can make it happen.

Digital forms

For All Your Reporting Needs

Keep tabs on all your star performers with Arrivy. Timesheets are automatically created for your ease, so you know just how productive your team has been. No need to digitize mounds of paper as we do it for you.

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Optimize Your Payroll with Arrivy’s Workday Integration