Enjoy Frictionless Payments in the Field with Arrivy’s Square Integration

With Arrivy’s Square integration, digitize, secure & automate your payment workflow for worry-free operations & delighted customers.

Scale Your Operations & Step into the 21st Century’s With Arrivy’s Square Integration

Adapt to the modern world by integrating Square payments into your business today. Initiate the payment collection process within the Arrivy app in a few clicks and use your Square reader to collect the payment right there and then. Bank on your precious time & let Arrivy’s Square integration calculate and process your payments, so all you have to do is think of the big picture!

Share Your Burden

Arrivy’s Square integration allows you to process payments conveniently right in the field so you can free up your resources & focus your energy on scaling your operations.

Just Keep Movin’

Say goodbye to shuffling between different platforms and spreadsheets to manage & keep a record of your payments. Instead, with Arrivy’s connected Square integration, allow your field crew to process payments all with a few swipes & clicks & access your records whenever you want.

Relation Built on Trust

End your customer’s day on a high note with Arrivy’s Square integration. Offer them the same security & integrity that they love from Square payments right into their interactions with your business.

Tools for Growth

Arrivy’s Square integration allows you to ensure that your customers get a well-rounded experience on the day of service. Arrivy helps you deliver end-to-end visibility during the most crucial moment of the job - the payment. We ensure that your customers go away with a strong sense of trust in your business, making them want to come back for more.

Just Like Magic

Arrivy’s Square integration empowers you to become the powerhouse that we know you are. Empower your crew to trigger payments right in from the app and process them in a few easy steps. Allow customers to tip your hard-working crew as a job well done & ensure happy faces all around.

Let us do the Math

Not a fan of calculations? Then let Arrivy’s Digital Forms do the math for you. Forget having to deal with weight thresholds & box rates to decipher the payment to be charged. Instead, focus your energy on more strategic decisions and allow us to take your burden away.

Records for Days

If you’re one of those people who love records, then Arrivy’s Square integration is just what you need. Access comprehensive payment logs with data points such as order ID, time of payment, the total amount charged, and so much more. So rest assured because we've got you covered.

Cover All Grounds

Want to go the extra mile? Mandate your crew to fill out forms before processing payments. Record crucial information such as quality of work, rooms serviced, equipment, and add ons necessary for your payment calculations. Arrivy’s Square integration equips you with all the information you need with just a click of a button.

Integrate Square & Arrivy Today

Stay on your A-Game with Arrivy’s Square Integration.