Round The Clock Fleet Visibility with Samsara & Arrivy Integration

With Arrivy’s Samsara integration, boost the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of your fleet & equipment like never before.

Gain Operational Visibility & Bank on Your Time with Arrivy’s Samsara Integration

With Arrivy’s Samsara integration, you can now gain real-time visibility of your operations that helps digitally transform your business. Stay as engaged with your fleet as you are with your crew with real-time GPS Fleet Tracking and Equipment Monitoring. The benefits are endless in the new modern and automated world.

No More Shuffling Around

Say goodbye to shuffling between different spreadsheets and calendars to plan your day. Instead, with Arrivy’s impressive integrations, all the data is seamlessly pulled in for ease & comfort.

Stop Guessing. Start Doing

Arrivy helps you in optimal scheduling & dispatch day in and day out. Helping you enhance the productivity and efficiency of your teams & equipment.

Let Customers be the Boss

Empower your customer and provide them the ability to stay in touch with your field crew, so they feel in control.

Stop Relying on Your Crew for Fleet Check-ins

Tired of bugging your crew for updates to keep track of your fleet? Arrivy’s Samsara integration empowers you to track and monitor your fleet in real-time. In addition, we make sure that you feel like you’re riding with the crew on the day of service.

Make Informed Decisions

Arrivy's Samsara integration makes it possible to improve your fleet and equipment's efficiency, safety, and utilization. Address your company's operational inefficiencies and pain points using Arrivy's interactive reports such as task utilization, productivity & customer rating.

View Complete Fleet Schedules

Get rid of separate sheets for each of your equipment. Arrivy’s Samsara integration gives you control to view the schedules of your whole fleet in one dashboard, making it super easy for you to adapt to any change in your schedule or route rapidly.

Operational Excellence All-Around

With Arrivy’s Samsara integration you can be immersed in the monitoring of your fleet. Get minute-by-minute information on important metrics such as fuel percentage, odometer readings, last location, speed and so much more. Stay on top of nitty-gritty details like whether the engine check light is on or not.

Perfect Routes for your Fleet

Take your diligence and due care to the next level with Arrivy's Samsara integration. Let Arrivy map out intricate routes for your fleet, optimizing their performance and productivity along the way. In addition, Arrivy's live-tracking capability allows you to stay well informed of the whereabouts of your prized possessions so that you can focus on more strategic matters.

Collect & Inspect in the Field

Arrivy’s Samsara integration makes paperless data collection a dream come true. Be it truck inspection reports or fleet health logs, all this and more are possible with Arrivy’s smooth integration. Valuable information right from the field helps you stay immersed with the crew & fleet on the day of service.

Integrate Samsara & Arrivy Today

Fleet Management made easier with Arrivy's Samsara Integration.