Unify your Customer's Journey with Arrivy's Intercom Integration

The Arrivy Operations Cloud™ effortlessly integrates with Intercom’s best-in-class ecosystem helping you make the most out of every customer engagement. Never miss out on any important messages and ensure that your customers get the best that you have to offer.

Effectively Manage Customer Communication & Scale Your Business

Maximize customer satisfaction and teamwork with Arrivy's Intercom integration. The two-way integration makes it easy to map messages from your Intercom Chatbot to Arrivy’s Task Journal. Keeping you and your team updated without a hassle!

Perfect Fit

No need to shuffle between different tools with Arrivy’s Intercom integration have all your customer messages automatically sync onto your Arrivy Task Journal & Intercom chats.

Lasting Customer Engagement

Retain your customer delight at an all-time high with Arrivy. Connect your teams in real-time and never let a customer query go unanswered.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Have better connectivity between your operations and sales/support teams, allowing them to have full visibility of communications occurring with the customer on all fronts.

Boost Customer Satisfaction with Better Engagement

Enable better teamwork with Arrivy’s two-way integration with Intercom. All your messages on the chatbot are automatically synced in the Journal, ensuring there are no missing pieces in your customer’s history. Moreover, leverage the Arrivy Task Panel inside Intercom to view details of Tasks associated with every customer inside each conversation.

Unite Your Customer Data

Seamlessly handoff conversations between your operations and support teams as messages automatically sync over between Arrivy & Intercom. Keep your customers engaged and never leave them hanging.

Integrate with a Multitude of CRMs and Custom Services

Arrivy offers a slew of integrations with popular CRMs, IoTs, payroll systems, and fleet tracking softwares. We love taking on new challenges and exploring uncharted territories. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your custom integration requests.

Integrate Intercom & Arrivy Today

Enjoy lasting customer satisfaction with Arrivy’s Intercom integration.


Yes absolutely, Arrivy Journal messages can be sent to intercom conversations and vice versa.

Definitely. Custom mapping can be given on each action to send custom messages from Intercom.

Yes, for each task in Arrivy a new conversation can be created in Intercom.