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Want to know how many of your jobs start on time? Complete on time? How about how your customers are engaging? Time spent by each of your crew members? Arrivy can provide unique insights because we collect distinctive operational data. Learn how your business is performing on a location-by-location or office-by-office basis using our distinctive reports.

Task Summaries

Task Summaries

Upon job completion, Arrivy summarizes vital info, including travel time, task time, mileage, customer reviews, and job performance. This archival summary is stored with the job and is always available through the customer record.



Bet you don’t know the percentage of your jobs that start or complete on time. How about the start/completion performance of jobs for each individual crew member? Arrivy reports these unique and important statistics over any time period you like.



Customer engagement is a great predictor of recommendation and reuse. Arrivy tracks and reports engagement via a unique set of charts that looks at customer touch-points. For the first time, data like this is at your fingertips.

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