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Would you like to know how many of your jobs start on time? What was the time spent on the job by the crew? Did they finish on time? What about your customers' engagement? Arrivy collects distinctive operational data, which allows us to provide you unique business insights. Learn how your business is performing on a location-by-location or office-by-office basis using our distinctive reports.

Summarize Your Jobs & Your Day

Arrivy gathers crucial data after job completion, such as travel time, task time, mileage, reviews, and job performance. In addition to being stored with the job, the archival summary is always accessible through the customer record.

We've Got The Time

Bet you don’t know the percentage of your jobs that start or complete on time. How about the start/completion performance of jobs for each crew member? Arrivy reports these unique and vital statistics over any period you like. Helping you stay alert and informed when it matters the most.

Make Customer Engagement a Breeze

Customer engagement is a great predictor of recommendation and reuse. With Arrivy, engagement is tracked and reported using a set of charts that take a holistic view of customer touch-points. For the first time, data like this is at your fingertips.


Yes, of course, we have a utilization chart that shows the job and travel times over any selected period.

With Arrivy, you can get mileage information  for any selected period in comprehensive  mileage charts.

Any manager or scheduler who has access to more than one location in Arrivy will be able to see stats from all those respective groups.

Yes absolutely. Arrivy aggregates your team’s time-reporting data with the Clock-In Clock-Out feature and seamlessly records your team’s hourly reports in order throughout their day autonomously.

Yes absolutely, your hourly report can be downloaded as a CSV. Furthermore, we can send it to any other platform of your choice.

Arrivy provides you with comprehensive statistics on your team performance with metrics like on-time arrival, on-time completion, travel hours, task hours, customer reviews, and much more so that you have complete visibility of your team’s achievements.

For any given date range you can see how your team members are performing in comparison to each others using Arrivy’s team rating chart.

Customer ratings and engagement reports can help you measure engagement via responses to emails/SMS messages and the number of  Live Track views, that is, the link customers are sent, which brings up a map showing the crew location enroute to the job.

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