Empower your crew with Arrivy's Digital Bill of Lading

Tired of filling out monotonous BOLs for each and every move? Arrivy powerful digital forms and PDF stitching can help you create state mandated BOLs effortlessly.

Collect Signatures on the Digital BOLs

Get digitized customer signatures conveniently on the BOLs to boost efficiency.

Automated Calculations

Deliver documents quickly and easily by automating container details, packing charges, loading charges, and time, adding images, sending receipts, and much more with Arrivy's BOLs.

Go Paperless - No More Drowning in Paper

Have you ever spilled coffee on your paperwork? No need to worry about it anymore with Arrivy’s digital BOLs.

Auto-Populate BOL Form Fields

Arrivy BOLs can be pre-filled with customer information. The details such as time capturing the number of hours worked by the team, the number of team members working and their rate per task or hour, the number of trucks used, proof of delivery, and damage reports save your precious time doing this tedious work.

Get a PDF of Your Filled Out Digital Forms

Say goodbye to wasting time spent on data collecting and processing with paper forms. As soon as the digital form is filled out we will spit it out in the Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant BOL within minutes.

We Have Seen it All — BOLs of all Shapes & Sizes

Designing compliant BoL's is just one of the many things we do to ease operations for our clients worldwide. Let us know your requirements, and we can whip out a custom BoL for you!


Of Course, you can not only keep a record of these but also calculate total charges for each move with digital BOLs.

Yes, you can! You can also perform some calculations to calculate the total charges based on the hours.

Yes, of course, you can decide whether the customers can sign on your device or their own device and have the signatures collected on the digital BOL stitched on the PDF.

Yes, you can Arrivy has direct integration with Moversuite, and we can bring any information from Moverssuite to Arrivy and have it reflect on the BOL. To learn more about Arrivy’s Moversuite integration read here.